About Collect My Thoughts


I feel like “About Me” pages are the blog version of those “25 Random Things” notes that went around on Facebook forever ago.

If you scroll back far enough, I bet you’re still tagged in about a million and one of them.

I never knew what to say in those things. I’m not random or quirky enough. And this is no different. I’m just a typical 20-something with a sweet husband, a puppy, and a 9-to-5 job.

My life may not be glamorous, but I follow a God who has called me to be faithful in the midst of it. This is a blog about everyday faithfulness and learning to lovingly serve a Savior who meets us in the midst of the mundane. It’s a place to explore how we apply all of Scripture to the life of a Christian woman, rather than the typical tropes of princesses and Proverbs 31. We are called not just to be Ruths, Esthers, and Marys, but to all of the truths God has revealed in His Word, and these truths apply in all stages of life.

What has He been teaching you lately?



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